• Enjoy leading septic system repair services in Albany and throughout Georgia. Whether you live in Dougherty, Lee, Mitchell, Worth, Baker, Terrell, Calhoun or Sumter County, discover how J & J Enterprises provides premier services for all your septic needs. If you notice unpleasant odors, clogged drains, or standing water near your septic tank, don’t hesitate to enjoy expert repairs.

Signs You Need Septic Tank Repairs

Proper maintenance can help you avoid 24-hour emergency septic services. However, it’s important to schedule a septic tank repair service if you notice one of these signs:

• It’s been three to five years since your last septic system cleaning
• Your septic system is draining slower than usual
• You’re experiencing unusual water buildup around your septic tank

There are a few common issues that require septic tank repair. First, your tank may need to be pumped. After three or more years, even an efficient septic tank can become too full to operate effectively.

Another common septic tank issue is a clog. If your plumbing system is clogged in your home or before your septic tank, it can reduce the efficiency of your system and cause your sinks and toilets to overflow.

Finally, damaged pipes or a damaged septic tank is a health hazard to you and your family. Don’t let tree roots, construction projects, or other factors allow your drainage to leak into your home or yard. Standing water in your yard from your septic tank can create unpleasant odors and health complications if left untreated. Work with a professional septic tank cleaning service to ensure proper and hygienic cleanup of your overflowing or damaged septic system.


Our Process

At J & J Enterprises, we offer 24-hour services to keep your septic system operating day and night. When you call our emergency response line, we’ll send a technician to your location. Here are the basic steps we take to ensure you receive comprehensive repairs:
• Inspection
• Cost estimate
• Expert repair services
• Testing

From a minor leak to a major septic tank issue, our team has the experience you need to enjoy full-service septic and plumbing support. Enjoy peace of mind as we handle your septic tank, plumbing and electrical needs.


Find Premier Septic Tank Repair Near Me

Give us a call at 229.436.5177 or email us to ask about our premier septic services or learn more about proper septic tank maintenance. We’ve proudly served Albany, GA, and the surrounding area for over 30 years, so we’re confident we can quickly restore your home septic system.

Over the past 30 years, J & J Enterprises has served residential and commercial clients in Georgia’s Baker, Dougherty, Sumter, Lee, and Worth counties. While we are perhaps most well-known for our plumbing and electrical services, we also specialize in septic tank installations. So, before you search for “septic installers near me,” here’s what you need to know.

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